Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Lets Prepare.

I've seen lots of blogs out there talking about being prepared and making gifts ahead of time and having had a gift box for a couple of years now I don't need to be convinced of the benefits. Sometimes a little encouragement and inspiration is required to push me along and get started again.

Nothing beats dipping into this goodie box and looking for something a friend or family member will enjoy as a special gift.

Something purple for our daughter in law. She has been giving hints for the last couple of years and trying to steal mine......maybe I'm a slow hint taker!! She is sure to love this casserole carrier. Both only took a couple of hours each to make.

But that's not all..... I made another smaller one for her as well. Now she will have large and small dishes covered.

I love my little stash of handmade tags.

This little zippered pouch will be added to the box as well.

Love the little points, a bit fiddly but don't they just dress it up a bit..

I have also included a few links to lovely items from others who have the same idea.

Jenny's making book marks and hot packs here. The bookmakers are super beautiful and may just find their way into some of my books.

Fee's making tissue covers here. I did a few of these last year and they make a cute little gift to tuck in with something else.

There is a tutorial for a microwave bowl cozy here. I have been looking at making a few of these for the grandies as they are very handy making noodles in the microwave.

How about sewing up an apron for a friend who likes to cook? There's a great tutorial over here.

There are loads of ideas out there and Pinterest is a good place to start your search.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Home and Family.

Having found a great deal of old family photos after loved ones have passed on,  it is both sad and frustrating that you don't know what the stories behind the photos and the people in them are. So I endeavor to write the story of our photos for the following generations by way of albums and journaling. It might even help me later when even I can't remember!

It usually takes me a few weeks to put together a new album from start to finish, and sometimes the finishing takes a little longer but I always become immersed in the process of designing, measuring, cutting, gluing, and sometimes then discarding and starting again.

Beautiful paper and inspirational verses just catch the eye and make you want to create something that will give pleasure to yourself and others.

I like to make lots of pockets or bands to hold extra cards for photos or journaling.

These days with beautiful collections of corresponding papers and embellishments it's easy to put together a lovely's a lot like patchwork.

I still need to stamp the backs of the tags with an assortment of pretty stamps that tie the theme together, then to start collecting the photos that will go onto the pages and to write the story.

As you can see, this album will be about home and family.

Thanks for stopping by. 

Keep Creating.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Anyone for Coffee?

I recently found a couple of orphan photo frames in my pile of "to do" things and thought it was about time I made another chalk board sign.

I would have liked a more ornate frame, but had to make do with what was in the stash! So after a sand, chalk paint and wax for the frame and a new backing chalk board I have something new!

Don't you just love Pinterest for ideas!

Monday, 1 May 2017

Cooler Days

It seems that cooler days have finally arrived and of course that turns the mind to simple wholesome food cooked long and slow, time in the garden without the burning heat of Summer and playing around with fabric.

 I couldn't go past a slowed cooked oxtail stew with garlic chive mash potato and crusty bread. Comfort food to warm the heart. It's been a favorite of mine for a long time and I always make it the day before so I can take off the fat that solidifies when cold then reheat for the next day. I guess that makes it a little more healthy!

I also made these thingies from the left over mash potato and I love them so much I always eat a couple while cooking!

The grandchildren love these chocolate muffins and it doesn't take much to whip up a bunch! Only waiting for their peanut butter frosting!

I also tried out some Pineapple and Ham muffins as they looked so yummy..........but they were missing flavour and were not as good as they looked. Will have to tweak the recipe as they are light and fluffy.

Home decor got some attention as well with some new cushions for the lounge. I wanted some texture and after a shopping spree in Spotlight I can home with these.

 Lovely to work with but I have to say that blue fabric frayed something bad and left loose bits all over the place. I was picking up bits of thread everywhere. Once sewed though it behaved itself nicely.

Spotlight only had a small amount of the Pom-pom trim so I could only do a couple of cushions, but I do love it!

I love the cooler weather! What have you been up to?